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ABSMARI (Abhinav Bindra Sports Medicine and Research Institute) is a prestigious institution dedicated to sports medicine, research, and education. Our institute is named after Abhinav Bindra, an accomplished Olympic gold medalist and renowned sports personality. At ABSMARI, we provide comprehensive sports medicine services, including injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Our team of experienced professionals combines medical expertise with cutting-edge research to deliver personalized care to athletes of all levels. Through our research initiatives, we strive to advance the field of sports medicine and contribute to the overall well-being and performance of athletes. ABSMARI is committed to promoting a holistic approach to sports healthcare, ensuring that athletes receive the guidance, support, and resources they need to excel in their respective sports discipline

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Well planned, well executed and maintained place for a college. Learning environment is excellent, quality of teaching is very nice and best place to study physiotherapy at private college in India.

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Priyanka Parida

Assistant Professor in Columbia college of Physiotherapy,Bengaluru

My experience at ABSMARI is great and memorable. The faculties and very supportive and readily available. They helped me a lot to enhance my academic and interpretation skill. I am very thankful to each and every person of ABSMARI for giving us such nice environment and teaching facilities. I would like to thank our Dean sir( Dr. Joseph Oliver Raj) for believing in me and I would like to give a special thank to my Guide( Dr. Aparna Patnaik) for teaching me each and everything about cardio; and ma’am whatever I am today I feel it is just because of you, so thank you so much for that. Thanks to our founder Mr. Abhinav Bindra sir for opening a really very good college in Odisha and giving us world class education. Thank you everyone( ABSMARI)…

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Amna Ubaid

Junior sports physiotherapist at ABTP Bhubaneswar

It was a wonderful learning experience and academic exposure that I got from ABSMARI.
This college helps you stand stronger for what’s coming in the future. What they teach you here is not just knowledge, it’s experiences.
Being a proud ABSMARIAN, I have grown here both personally and professionally and have the utmost regard, love, and devotion for the entire faculty.
Here you will find people that will support you and guide you on the path to your degree.
I thank ABSMARI for all the beautiful memories and experiences I made that I would cherish for life.

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Lopamudra Maharaj


The institute offers a meticulously designed environment focused on providing practical exposure and good quality education to its students. The curriculum at ABSMARI is focused on training students to deal with real-world complex problems.

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Swarnendu Das 

In Brainware University as an Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator

One of the best exposure on Sports and Physiotherapy combined work I got from there, with lifetime cherishable friends.

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Dr Shrinkhala


The college possesses an impressive infrastructure and technology that contributes to a conducive learning environment. The academic sessions conducted are focused on student participation in discussions and projects to foster a dynamic learning atmosphere. The placement cell did an outstanding job by providing jobs to almost every student. I personally benefited from their efforts which empowered me to confidently present my skill in interviews.

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