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ABSMARI is a sports science and physiotherapy institute offering research based education at par with the global healthcare and sports industry. Our high-tech academic laboratories and world class faculty combine to impart budding physiotherapists a dynamic and practical learning experience, which is crucial to succeed in this era of constant technical advancements.



To globalize the Indian sports and healthcare arena with the highest quality of education and rehabilitation techniques using ultra-modern, cutting-edge scientific technology.


To evolve as an institute of global standards, with state of art facilities,  that will cater to the Indian Healthcare and Sports Ecosystems

Abhinav A. Bindra

"Everyone has a need to understand how their bodies function, be a part of the process, and accept nothing but excellence! As an athlete that had a career spanning over 20 years, I not only benefitted from technology from around the world, but worked with professionals that understood this concept Through ABSMARI, the objective is to create professionals that have experienced this Global Best Practice, and can use their skills to benefit Academies, Hospitals, and every other stakeholder in these ecosystems."

- Abhinav A. Bindra

(Founder, ABSMARI)

Dr A. S. Bindra

“The Abhinav Bindra Sports Medicine and Research Institute is the first step in establishing a generation of skilled Physiotherapists that have access to Global Best Practice, and learn with the most cutting-edge technology available. By bringing the skills and protocols learned from leaders in the field from around the world, the same level of education can be made accessible and affordable to our students in India! I am confident that many of you will take advantage of the opportunities we provide and in turn do great things in your profession!”

- Dr. Apjit S. Bindra

(Managing Trustee, ABF)

Dr Digpal Ranawat

“The Indian Sports and Healthcare Ecosystem requires leaders and advocates of global best practice. With the visual learning facilities and expertise of ABSMARI, students will be able to access the world-class education and insights developed by working experts in the field. This will lead to an overall rise in standards of Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Healthcare in turn help the industry Flourish in India.”

- Dr Digpal Ranawat

(Executive Director)

Dr Joseph Oliver

“Let’s not wait for perfect conditions to begin. Let’s begin to make perfect conditions for a healthy physical condition. This popular quote by Joerg Teichmann exemplifies the substantial requirement for first-rate physical treatment that benefits people immensely. Here at ABSMARI, we strive to mould this generation of students into a skilled set of professional, internationally proficient physiotherapists that will benefit society and much more. We are pleased to invite all the students wishing to attain cultural and educational excellence in physiotherapy to join us and dip into our rich well of technical expertise.”

- Dr. A. Joseph Oliver



“At ABSMARI, we introduce a new perspective in your studies by breaking down the barriers between traditional teaching. We encourage intellectual thinking and skills that are highly required for any student in the field. The core strength of ABSMARI is the involvement of Science and Technology along with the state of the art infrastructure that creates a platform for visual learning and insights gained by working with countless Indian athletes and medical patients.”

- Chinmaya Kumar Patra

(Principal, ABSMARI)

Our Faculty.

ABSMARI's dedicated faculty is passionate about mentoring and empowering the next generation of physiotherapy leaders.

International Faculty


Prof. Lars Engebretsen


Prof. Margo Mountjoy


Prof Wayne E Derman


Professor Cathy Arnot


Professor Evert Verhagen


Professor Evert Verhagen

Int Faculty
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