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Strength & Conditioning Certification Level 1

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The SportsFit Strength & Conditioning level 1 provides a scientific and practical understanding of physical preparation for sports. This course benefits athletes, strength and conditioning coaches, sports coaches, fitness coaches, physical therapists, physical education teachers, and personal trainers working with young, elite and recreational athletes. 


Timings: 10 am IST (1.5-2 Hours every Weekend) |  Duration: 6 weeks | Earn up to 12 Credit Hours

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Train and learn under

Dr Kaushik

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coached: Athletes for the Commonwealth Games, Rio Paralympics 2016, & World Championships.

S&C Coach to New Zealand under-19 cricket world cup and the Black Caps (New Zealand cricket team) contracted players.

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Course Objective

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To bridge the gap between the research and practical applications in sports and exercise science.


Enhance physical performance of your athletes and clients.


Reduce the likelihood of non-contact injuries in sportspersons.


Module 1

Applied anatomy, biomechanics and physiology

  • Joint structure and function

  • Movement – planes of motion

  • Kinetics and kinematics – general overview

  • Energy system: basic physiology (intermittent sports)

  • Relationship between bio-motor qualities in physical preparation

  • Key variables in adaptation (intensity, volume, rest, frequency)

  • Understanding the requirements of intermittent sports


Module 2


  • Importance of assessment

  • Assessment selection

  • Reliability and validity

  • Smallest worthwhile change and effect size (basic statistics) Assessment administration and implementation (Practical)

  • Interpretation of assessments


Module 3

Movement preparation /Warm Up and Recovery

  • Importance of movement preparation

  • Benefits of movement preparation

  • Key components (Practical)

    • Multi-directional locomotion

    • Myofascial release

    • Dynamic stretching and activation

    • Semi-structured games

  • Importance of recovery

  • Key components

    • Sleep hygiene

    • Nutrition (post exercise)

    • Breath training


Module 4


  • The need for speed in sports

  • Acceleration vs. maximal speed (kinematics)

  • Key determinants of short speed and acceleration (kinetics)

  • Speed specific warm up (Practical)

  • Strategies to develop linear short speed and acceleration (Practical)


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Module 5


  • Importance of power training in athletic development

  • Types of power training

  • Force and velocity continuum- intermittent sports

  • Understanding stretch shortening cycle (SSC)

  • Methods to develop power (Practical)

  • Progression of jump training and throws (Practical)


Module 6

Resistance training

  • Importance of resistance training in sports

  • Types of resistance training (Practical)

  • Movement competency, structure, and posture in resistance training: progression, regressions and alternative options

  • Key variables in resistance training


Module 7

Energy system
(aerobic and anaerobic training for intermittent sports)

  • Understanding energy system in intermittent sports

  • Aerobic and anaerobic pathways

  • Maximum aerobic speed (MAS) and the implication for practical program design

  • Strategies to develop energy system for intermittent sport athletes (Practical)- long and short interval training


Module 8

Program design
(Putting it all together)

  • Sequencing

  • Periodization and planning

  • Case studies


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